Is there a sequel to Mirror in the works?

Yes–but not immediately. I have the ideas mapped out, but right now I’m working on another book series with a writing partner that we’re really excited about. (I actually wrote Mirror several years ago as a break from my graduate school work, and then shelved it and its series to work on other things when it seemed like there was a new vampire novel every time you turned around. I finally decided to publish it after enough wonderful friends convinced me I should–but as a result my new-book-writing creative energies are focused elsewhere right now).

Are you working on another series besides the Valkanas clan?

Yep. But I guess that was obvious from my answer above ; )

Is Noelle Ryan a pseudonym?

Also yep. It’s a semi-open secret, but I’m not in a rush to run around announcing my real name because in the academic circles I have to travel as a professor, writing anything other than the next great literary classic tends to be treated a bit dismissively.

Can you give me advice about self-publishing?

Kinda-sorta. I’m new to it, and I’m learning about it as fast as I can. My goal is to use my blog to collect the useful info I find and share it with others who are on similar searches. But I’m certainly not an expert on the subject (at least not yet!), so use your own judgment on just how thoroughly to follow the advice I put up.

I saw in your bio that you’re a teacher — can you teach me?

If you happen to take one of my classes at the college where I teach, absolutely. Otherwise, no–teaching is my full-time job, writing my evenings-and-weekends one, and between the two I barely have room to give my husband the occasional smooch, much less take on private students. But I appreciate your interest!

What about if I just sent you a manuscript and you emailed me feedback?

Sorry, I’m just too busy to do that–though again, I’m flattered. Any emails I receive like this will be deleted unopened, both because of aforementioned busy-ness, and for the legalistic reasons I discuss below.

I have some cool ideas for what one of your characters should do next–can I send them to you?

Diana Rowland offers a brilliant answer to this on her site, so I’m going to quote her: “Yikes! No! Seriously.. just… no. Trust me, I’m head over heels in love with the fact that some of you have become so invested in these characters. But sending me ideas, or fanfic, or anything else of the sort puts me in a really uncomfortable and sticky position that I’d prefer to avoid. I know things about my characters that no one else does, so you’re going to have a tough time coming up with scenarios that I haven’t already thought of that remain true to their backstory.Plus, to be horrid and blunt, the last thing I need is someone claiming that I stole their idea. I’m sorry, and you would probably never even dream of doing that, but we live in an entitled and litiginous world, and there are crazy mofos out there!”

Will you reply to other kinds of fanmail?

As soon as I possibly can! I’d love to hear from you; it makes my day. Okay, well the ones that tell me how much I rock make my day–if you’re in a grumpy or demanding mood I wouldn’t mind if you conveniently forgot my email address ; )