publishing notice from kdp

So exciting!

I was so excited when this little notice popped up after I’d spent two days figuring out exactly what I wanted in every section of kdp publishing form (and messing with all the formatting, as you could tell from my previous posts) that I actually jumped up and did a little dance around my living room.

I considered reenacting, recording, and sharing it here, but then decided I do still have some modesty left after all. So instead I screen-shot the image that provoked the dance in the first place. This means Mirror should be available for purchase early tomorrow!

About Noelle Ryan

Avid reader, writer, animal adorer, art appreciator, and snark enthusiast. Author of the Valkanas Clan series (Mirror is the first book in this series). Mother claimed first complete sentence was "Mom, I'm going to be a writer when I grow up."

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