Could I be considered fashionably late?

So I could resist no longer and finally jumped on The Hunger Games bandwagon when the kindle edition went on sale the other week–I just finished the first book last night (late. About 2 hours later than I would normally go to bed. I’d say it’s a real page turner, but the metaphor falls a bit flat when you’re reading on a kindle. A real button pusher? Hmmm…not quite the same ring to it somehow).

Anyway, now I’m on the fence on whether to proceed to the second one. I’m hooked–obviously–but when I look at its kindle price versus the ability to get 3 independently published books (and support indie authors like me) for the same amount of cash, I’m torn. What do you all think–is it worth it?

Also, I’m planning on getting a list going of fave sci-fi and fantasy indie kindle reads. Any suggestions for me to check out?

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Avid reader, writer, animal adorer, art appreciator, and snark enthusiast. Author of the Valkanas Clan series (Mirror is the first book in this series). Mother claimed first complete sentence was "Mom, I'm going to be a writer when I grow up."

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