I’m working my way back

In 2012, the hubster and I got a bit of a surprise–pregnancy. Now our son is almost 18 months old, tearing around the house and generally creating mayhem, but old enough that I no longer quite feel like my brain has been completely sucked out with a straw and replaced with mashed bananas (something my son would be delighted to eat–but I won’t go on my rant about how I think babies are the original zombies here).

Anyway, what all this means is that I’ve finally been able to get back to writing. I’ve been part of a wonderful fiction group for a while now, and next week they’ll be reviewing the first 8 chapters of the next book in the Valakanas Clan series. I’ll forewarn you all now: it’s a bit of a switch up from what you might expect. Though Aly and Tom are in it, they aren’t the main characters this time around, and I’m expanding into some new supernatural territory. My goal is to have the book out by the end of the year, so for those of you whose main critique of Mirror was that it opened a door into a world with nothing else yet in it to explore, you should have an answer to that (very kind) complaint soon!

If you’re looking for something else fun to read in the meantime, I suggest another independent author I’ve become fond of as of late – Susan Ee. Last I checked, she had two great reads out in her Penryn and the End of Days series, and i think the third one is supposed to be out relatively soon. Good stuff, and always fun to support independent authors amking a go at offering affordable and enjoyable reads!

About Noelle Ryan

Avid reader, writer, animal adorer, art appreciator, and snark enthusiast. Author of the Valkanas Clan series (Mirror is the first book in this series). Mother claimed first complete sentence was "Mom, I'm going to be a writer when I grow up."

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