Burn, Mirror, and other Valkanas stories

I know I announced that Burn would be published soon–so let me get more specific about where it is in the process:

  • The main writing is done
  • The big picture revising is done
  • The cover art is done (that’s what you see here–cool, right? Thanks Jason!)
  • It’s currently with my editor getting a final round of changes
Featured image

Burn cover art

My goal is to publish it before Christmas, but since I’m depending on the editor’s timeline right now that isn’t a certain thing.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on book 3 of the series–and I went back and revised Mirror.

What? you say. But Mirror is already published. Why revise it?

Well, after I finished this book, I went back and realized there were things I wanted to change in Mirror. Most of them were small stylistic changes–excessive wordiness in a few patches that drove me bonkers every time I thought about it. I also wanted to make the links to Burn clearer, which meant revising the final scene. And I wanted to add chapters from Burn to the end of Mirror as a preview of the next book in the series.

Here’s where you all come in though. I can either publish the revised Mirror first, with the prequel of Burn, and then put Burn out once it’s finished with editing, or I can release the revised Mirror and Burn on the same day.

Either way, I plan on putting Mirror up for a free day promptly so that those of you who have a paid copy can get the revision for free.


About Noelle Ryan

Avid reader, writer, animal adorer, art appreciator, and snark enthusiast. Author of the Valkanas Clan series (Mirror is the first book in this series). Mother claimed first complete sentence was "Mom, I'm going to be a writer when I grow up."

One comment

  1. janice

    Before Christmas is soon. Good news. I will keep my eye out for it. Thanks

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