Mirror is now available in hardcopy on Amazon and Createspace

Stack of 5 copies of Mirror on my desk

My current desk decor

Hurray! Finally all the bumps and bruises along the way with the Createspace formatting got sorted out (quick hint: don’t take advantage of the seemingly time-saving option to upload your book as a word doc – convert it to pdf yourself, using a high quality conversion, and upload that to avoid inexplicable formatting issues that don’t appear in the digital proof but do appear in the hardcopy proof).

That means Mirror is now (finally!) available for purchase as a physical book for those of you that would like to have something tangible in hand–both on Amazon and through CreateSpace directly.

I have a stack of 5 of them on my desk right now, actually–which, as much as I’m all about the e-reader thing and adore my kindle, is really kinda exciting. Incidentally, no, I didn’t just order 5 copies to fulfill some odd urge toward vanity–though it turns out that’s a perky little side-effect, apparently–but because I was offered 5 free copies from Createspace as compensation for being one of the people to buy the whole $39 pro plan upgrade days before it went defunct and those cheaper proof prices became democratized. I figure I’ll use them for maybe some giveaways at a few cool book blogs that reach out to my target audience–anyone have any blogs to recommend?

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Avid reader, writer, animal adorer, art appreciator, and snark enthusiast. Author of the Valkanas Clan series (Mirror is the first book in this series). Mother claimed first complete sentence was "Mom, I'm going to be a writer when I grow up."

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